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Water Damage Testimonials

We called SERVPRO and they were out the same day to help us with our water damage. Fast, professional and friendly service. I recommend these folks to anyone who has and water or mold related issues.
10 out of 10! Thanks again SERVPRO Vero Beach!

I want to personally thank SERVPRO of Vero Beach for what they did for me. They are a patient and great company and they were truly wonderful.

Had excellent service from this area SERVPRO needed emergency service and got here quickly assessed the situation and got to it explained everything and made it easy process service for a week was prompt and on time that I scheduled and service advisor are friendly and helpful would recommend them for any water service emergency top notch

Dear SERVPRO "Vero Beach",

Thanks you for your rapid response to our water woes at Jasmine Villas. Your Company has a great reputation for quality work. We'll be down soon to see for ourselves what our friends told us.

Best Regards,

Bob & Kay Campbell

I called one company and they were unavailable, the next place wouldn't make it in time, and then, thankfully I called SERVPRO. Great work!

No complaints here! Very satisfied with SERVPRO's work- adding them to our vendor list.

Nico was great, so helpful!

I'm very happy with the work! Greg was great and Nico was so friendly. I remember years ago, SERVPRO helped me with a loss. 

The young man was great and super polite. Thank you for your help!

I was pleased with the work provided, the technicians were very prompt. 

Your guys did a wonderful job getting it all cleaned up, I really appreciate it!

This was my first time ever going through a problem like this...but Greg was very respectful and knowledgeable and arrived within the hour for my emergency water flood. Thank you SERVPRO!

You guys are awesome, you did a great job.

Thank you for your work. The crew was fast, efficient and friendly!

Greg did a great job and we enjoyed talking to him.

Thank you SERVPRO of Vero Beach for cleaning the flooding in our apartment. It was frustrating to deal with the neighbors overflowing dishwasher but your job put our minds at ease.

My husband and I woke up to a flood on our first floor caused by a burst water pipe. Called SERVPRO and they had technicians at our house with equipment in less than an hour. So thankful they were able to come quickly to dry it all up before there was further damage.

I wanted to thank SERVPRO of Vero Beach for their quick arrival to mitigate the water damage in my home. 

The SERVPRO staff was very polite and helpful, they explained everything going on and were very professional too. They did a great job!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach was very professional and they did a great job. I was glad that the same crew came back every time until the job was finished.

Came on same day as called for water damage through roof leak. Cleared out all wet insulation and attached high power air fan through ceiling. All completely dry when finished. Referred us to a good contractor for insulation replacement and ceiling repair. Prompt and competent service from SERVPRO.

I can not say enough good about SERVPRO. I recently had water damage in my condo, I called and they were here within an hour. The two young men that came out were professional and sincerely cared about what I was going through, trying to accommodate me any way that they could. Coming back each day to check the progress and to be sure it was done right. The office staff even called to check on the progress. To me, it felt like old fashion customer service, you don’t find that much anymore! Thank you SERVPRO! A job well done!

My condo underwent water damage and as a result, mold came too! SERVPRO of Vero Beach provided good service and the guys, Michael and Patrick could not have been nicer, alleviating the bad situation we were in!

Thank you for your prompt service to our emergency situation.

Usually I stay on top of any contractors that enter my home, but with SERVPRO I have felt extremely confident in the fact that they know what they are doing.  I would use them again.

I have been so impressed with your work.  I had a terrible experience up north with a different company and had the worst experience.  So calling in the middle of the night I was pleasantly surprised to hear such a caring voice on the other end.  You guys really care about your customers and go the extra mile.  Thank you for this.  Also, the technicians were polite, careful, competent, and courteous. Highly impressed with all of it.

My parents were out of town and my sister and I were watching their house.  When I pulled into the driveway my heart sank seeing the water coming out of the front door jam.  SERVPRO came out immediately and even helped collect and contain their cats which I do not get along with.  My parents have used SERVPRO up north as well and have now been doubly pleased.

We were in the process of renovating a section of the mall when one of the workers hit the fire line by accident.  Thankfully it only shot water in our section of the mall, but it was stressful.  We called SERVPRO Vero Beach right at 5p.m. and within half an hour they came and set up equipment and dried all the water up.  In fact, they beat the fire department there.  Thank You SERVPRO!

We were close to finishing up the main construction when one of our workers accidentally hit a fire sprinkler which instantly began pumping out water.  SERVPRO Vero Beach was there within 15 minutes even though it was coming up on 5 o'clock on a Friday.  The guys were quick and efficient.  They set up these huge tubes which dried out walls and the ceiling and the floors super fast.  We were able to start laying carpet by Monday.  Thanks guys!

Thank you for the job and we want to thank Nate and Jonas for all their help and a positive and constructive attitude.

Being out of town we have spoken to various people from insurance adjusters to neighbors and all of them have had nothing but fabulous things to say about SERVPRO Vero Beach.  They have been wonderful according to everyone they have dealt with and we are prepared to come back to a home concerning the water incident "Like it never even happened."  Thank you SERVPRO of Vero Beach.

SERVPRO is the first response house water cleanup crew second to none!

 We arrived home at 5 PM in the afternoon to a nearly fully flooded first floor of our 1,545sq ft home. After shutting off the valve that was flooding our home with water, Our first call was to SERVPRO of Vero Beach.

We were assured during the call that within an hour the response team would assemble their equipment and be on their way to our house.

Then I called our insurance company and when they learned SERVPRO was on the way we were told to have them take charge to reduce any further damage. 

True to their word, they arrived and immediately took charge starting to vacuum up the water and helping by moving things to minimize our loss. 

The team of Wayne, Greg, and Brian are our heroes. Wayne took charge with Greg and Brian vacuuming water from the carpet and connecting huge fans and dehumidifiers to begin the drying process. 

They returned the next day, and moving furniture around removed all of the soggy carpet and padding. They also removed the soggy insulation and vapor barrier under our manufactured home in the crawlspace constantly checking for moisture in our walls and using special procedure to dry the house out. That fist night they were a very welcome sight and didn't let us down during the entire process.

We later learned the first night they removed 75 gallons of water from our carpeting. The water company billing came in at 31,000 gallons of water that went through our house. Enough water to fill a 5ft deep pool.

A fantastic job by a fast response team lead by owner Jimi. We highly recommend this SERVPRO team to 'bail' you out of a water emergency like our situation or other home or structure crisis.

I had a 5:00am emergency due to a hot water heater failure. SERVPRO arrived promptly and was professional and thorough in their evaluation. Wayne, the Production Manager came out every morning for four days to reassess the drying process. After the drying was complete the carpets and thresholds were put back beautifully as if nothing had ever happened. They thoroughly cleaned the area and even mopped the wood floor before exiting my home. While I hope to not have a situation like this again I would not hesitate to call SERVPRO again. I don't think I could have been more pleased with the whole process.

Thank you SERVPRO!

On Sunday the 25th June, we came home from vacation to a flooded house 3" of water throughout the house. The insurance company said I could call SERVPRO of Vero Beach and they were a God sent. Angels from Heaven came in moved things, extracted water, put in 32 fans  and 4 humidifiers for 3 days, checked on us and the process every day and took control of our situation. We had no clue! If I had to do it over, SERVPRO would definitely be the ones to call. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs help. They have gone beyond the job to help us.

They are my Heroes! 

Naia McCaller.

We couldn't be more impressed with the professionalism and quality of service you recently performed at my Mom's home after her master bath supply plumbing broke and flooded the bathroom and master bedroom. Your response was fast and prevented further damage. Your team was outstanding! Your helpfulness and suggestions will long be remembered. We hope to not have an occasion to call on you again, of course, but if we do...you can bet it will be your team that we call. I never really believed that statement in the ad, "Like it never even happened." but I'm a believer now. P.S. Thanks for the birthday treat....it was much better than the watery one!

We had a water pipe burst at our Oceans Unite Christian Church. Jimi & SERVPRO Vero Beach, arrived at 5:30am in the morning to help us out. It was Mothers Day and the whole church was flooded. SERVPRO did an excellent job and dried and cleaned up in time for us to have our normal service at 10am.

If you need fire, water clean up, or restoration....this is the company to call. Responsive, helpful, fast, more than reasonable and reliable. They exceed their customer's expectations!!! Thank you guys...so very much!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach staff was courteous, polite and friendly and the on-site technicians clearly explained the restoration process of the job.

I was impressed with the professionalism the water loss was handled with and would recommend SERVPRO to all my friends and family.


Thanks for a timely response and great job done by you an all your staff.

The whole process, although painful, was dealt with as good as possible and better than expected.

You should be very proud of your organization and the professionalism your entire team exhibit and work by.

John Stilley.

Superb Company! Professional and responsive from very first contact. What do you do when a simple plumbing procedure performed by a reputable plumber turns into a major water leak in a wall? Property Management recommends a company that is totally unprofessional......So I called SERVPRO of Vero Beach and my problems and panic were immediately put to rest! The moment Ursula spoke to me, she listened, and sent out truly knowledgeable and experienced technicians. The head technician called to make sure they were totally aware of the circumstances and brought the right equipment to take care of the problem. They set up the restoration and drying process immediately and for the next 3 days followed through via visits, phone calls, adjusting equipment, and removing saturated carpet padding. They removed baseboards with no damage whatsoever, so the baseboards could be reused. What was a very stressful situation to deal with while supposedly on vacation, became a professional solution without undue drama or rip off tactics. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Vero Beach for any situation needing their services from basic water damage to hurricane water damage (which we went through in 2004). Trustworthy, reasonable and the best of best technicians! Kudos to Wayne, Greg and Matt!!

We want to thank Jimi at SERVPRO of Vero Beach for all of the help you gave us when we had the two water problems in our apartment. We appreciate the fact that you came out the first time at 10:30pm and your men worked until 1:30am that evening. Your workers are very professional and handled the problem as best they could. It is also a pleasure to do business with you. Whenever we need you, you are there for us. We certainly would recommend you to anyone who has a water problem with the most confidence.

Sincerely, Fred and Fran Landy