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Storm Damage Testimonials

SERVPRO is great for quick response time, Michael was very helpful and kind too!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach dried out my rental property after a storm caused a bad roof leak in Fort Pierce, thank you for your quick response!

Very impressed by SERVPRO of Vero Beach and their quick response time. The storm came through last night and they have already cleaned up the water damage from the rain due to a roof leak.

The high winds recently caused a tree limb to come through a window. SERVPRO quickly came to our rescue and dried up the rain water and cleaned the mess.

I am very pleased with the job that SERVPRO completed in my kitchen. Michael was also easy to work with too.

Thank you SERVPRO for sending a crew quickly to clean up the mess. The torrential downpour caused flooding but they dried it up to prevent further damage.

All of this rain made us aware of the roof leak in our home. SERVPRO of Vero Beach cleaned up the mess and dried up the ceiling and attic so that there wouldn't be any more problems.

The recent rain storms have led to my discovery of a roof leak in my guest bedroom...not a fun discovery. Thank you SERVPRO for drying everything up and preventing mold growth!

These guys are very professional and know their stuff! Very impressed.

SERVPRO cleaned the daytime managers rental and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the job performed.  

Fast, efficient and handled everything for me. Great job with Insurance Adjuster. 
I called Insurance Agent and Jimi took it from there 

A storm swept through and flooded the street.  Water started creeping up to our business.  I had just replaced the sidewalk and was nervous it was once again going to start cracking.  The crew was here within an hour. Helped put up sandbags and we avoided disaster.

My mother lives alone and was terrified when she heard the storm's lightning crack right next to the house.  The tree that was struck, broke off a tree limb and damaged the roof.  SERVPRO arranged for the roof to be tarped and cleaned up the mess in the attic.  We have used them before and will use them again.  Jimi, the owner, even gave us his personal number in case we had any concerns.

I give you guys two thumbs up.  The techs were polite, their thoughtfulness was excellent, and the execution was spot on!

We had a bad storm this weekend and started freaking out when we saw water pouring from our ceiling.  Called SERVPRO and they were able to locate the problem and dry it all up.  They put our minds at ease and the techs were super friendly and professional.  So glad for their quick response and professionalism.  

If you are looking for a restoration company with a quick response time, knowledgeable crew, and high level of work ethics...call SERVPRO VERO BEACH.  They saved my uh butt during the last Hurricane.  With all the properties I oversee there were many with damage.  SERVPRO walked me through each and helped me prioritize them intelligently.  They are awesome.  Call them.

I was totally freaked out when the rain from the storm had pushed up to the front door of our small local hotel.  We had just paid for the damage from the last storm of our sidewalk and rock landscape and were not looking forward to having to call our insurance company for another claim concerning the same thing.  After we called SERVPRO, the technicians actually beat us to the hotel.  The response time was amazing.   Although we jumped the gun in our panic, I just wanted to say how fast they were to respond and have made it to my favorites in my contact list for the future.

We received a call from our neighbor that Hurricane Irma had impacted our street and our house.  We were referred to SERVPRO and that was the best decision we made.  Our neighbor let them in and they cleaned up all that the storm had damaged and we were able to come back to our home cleaned and "Like it never even happened."  If it weren't for the pictures I would have not believed it was actually as bad as it had been.  Many thanks SERVPRO!

Due to the storm Irma, we had leaks which led to mold.  SERVPRO removed all traces of mold, smell and all.  Thank you

We had storm surge leave a trail of sand throughout our business.  SERVPRO was there first thing in the morning.  Sucked up the sand, removed the water, and dried it out quick.  We were serving dinner later on that night.  Quick I tell you.  

On May 17th, 2016 a record rainfall caused a massive flooding in the Heritage Center & Indian River Citrus Museum. Located in the heart of Downtown Vero Beach Florida, the building is on the Historical Landmark Registry and had maintained its original hardwood flooring since 1935. As extensive as the flooding was, we had braced ourselves for the worse-case scenario and expected to lose our floors to water damage. A call was placed to SERVPRO of Vero Beach and immediately and shortly after that same day, Jimi Tunstall had arrived and surveyed the situation. His team and equipment were set up that night to drain and dehumidify the flooring. When we arrived the next morning, it looked as though there was never a flood in the first place. Within days the building had been restored completely. The better news came later that week when the floor was confirmed to not have any known damage and help up beautifully throughout the ordeal. SERVPRO through their professional and hard work saved our floors and the historical significance of the building to this city. I am very impressed at the lengths SERVPRO of Vero Beach went to assist us and would recommend the quality of their performance without hesitation.