What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

Really happy with the mold remediation and reconstruction already! Thank you SERVPRO

Very impressed with SERVPRO's cleanliness and professionalism. Each day once the job was wrapped up, everything was cleaned nicely despite the construction dust from the day's work.

Thank you for being our eyes through this entire process, it is not easy being out of state for this situation. You all have been very thorough and have reported everything to us which we appreciate very much!

Your men are very nice and respectful and they have helped me so much!

Very appreciative of everything you have done for us. In this stressful situation, you were the only ones that followed through with everything. Laura was very helpful explaining everything on the phone.

You did a great job cleaning up my house! Greg and Keith were so friendly.

Your crew chief, Greg is such a nice guy. Thank you for helping me out.

I am very happy, thank you for all your hard work!

Your men did a great job.

Well organized and very informative.

I am very happy with how my house came all together, thank you!

I am a local public adjuster and have worked with SERVPRO of Vero Beach many times. They always do a satisfying job for every client, making sure there is no mold left behind.

Thank you SERVPRO for remediating the mold in my laundry room.

Very impressed with SERVPRO of Vero Beach, Greg worked like a trojan!

We arrived at our Florida home to discover lots of mold growth that occurred while we were gone. Thank you SERVPRO of Vero Beach for remediating it and informing us not to turn off our A/C when we leave!!

Thank you SERVPRO for easing my worries and remediating all the mold growth in my bedroom.

Thank you for cleaning the mold in my home. It was a a disaster but you made it much better!

I thought bleach would clean the mold in my bathroom, but it came back shortly after. I called SERVPRO and they came and took care of it once and for all. Great company!

I was very pleased with the work done by SERVPRO at my home, they removed all the water and remediated the mold that had grown. The crew they sent out was kind and I appreciated their work ethic.

Surprise surprise! For nearly 2 years in our 30 year old house in lovely Vero Beach, we were shocked and alarmed to discover we where sharing our laundry with a hidden colony of mold and mildew behind our washer and drier. Immediately knew this is not a job for the handyman in me. Contacted SERVPRO because I had used the company twice in other locations before and had complete confidence in them.
Sure enough my confidence in the Vero SERVPRO strengthened my resolve to continue using them in the future.
Why? They promptly responded to our call for help, assessed the situation accurately, isolated the room from the rest of the house, removed the nasty drywall cleanly, brought in a highly competent plumber to reroute two supply lines, kept us involved in every phase of repair, left our house neat and tidy, and all for a fair price. I would certainly hire our Vero Beach SERVPRO they are simply the best.

"I personally have heard how you have helped so many individuals recover from disaster. I proudly endorse your business. It is not fun going through a traumatic process. I certainly recommend your professional intervention. We are certainly there to recommend to have you step in. We are there to help the pets endure the changes ahead. We have Warm Hearts For Cold Noses, you are there to put the family life back together to make it home again got all, human and fur family members. A normal plan with a forward movement for all! Sandy"

As promised I sent in the form giving them all 10's and a huge big thanks to Ursula.

I am truly so satisfied!  So satisfied that if I printed out a form I would give you all 10's on everything.  Great great job.

Greetings!  Even though I have not even used your services yet, I appreciate you going the extra mile sending me the brochure about your green product.  With me having so many allergies and the mold growth out of control, I am pleased to know I have options that will not aggravate my allergies further.  Look forward to the estimate proposal.



We thought we had mold.  They came out right away.  They seriously could have taken advantage of us because we did not have a clue about any of this.  Turns out we did not have mold just a funky odor.  They were able to remove the odor for a very fair price and their service was excellent.  We are going to tell everyone we know.  Thank you SERVPRO Vero Beach!!!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach had an amazing response time.  They were quick and efficient and we are extremely pleased!

I use purple shampoo to preserve my hair color and therefore when I saw a few dark spot on my ceiling above the shower I thought maybe one of my family members dropped the bottle and it transferred a few drops on the ceiling. After a week I swore it was getting bigger though so I called SERVPRO Vero Beach and they were able to spray their mold killing formula and gave the bathroom a good wipe down and I haven't seen any spots since.  Last place you want to feel icky in is your own shower and now I feel it is the cleanest it has ever been.  Many thanks ;]

When I tell you how bad our home was filled with mold, I am not exaggerating.  I literally cried when I saw the extent of it.  My husband called SERVPRO and all I could think was that there was no way they could remove all of it.  Mold had grown on the walls, my hangers, on our books, even receipts!  Let me tell you I was shocked and extremely happy upon arriving back to the house after SERVPRO cleaned it and it was spotless.  I couldn't wait to call the company to tell them super job!  We are some happy customers I tell you.

I was devastated that my home had mold in it, but my mind was put to ease the moment the SERVPRO technicians stepped foot in my home. Those young men knew their stuff and were courteous and polite.  They worked around my schedule and were there when I needed them most.  Thank you to those young men.  Thank you. 

The crew from SERVPRO did a wonderful job.  I am really pleased with their work and integrity. The guys were timely and I am thrilled!

Mr. & Mrs. Tunstall,

You really made a difference and you truly are appreciated. Thanks to SERVPRO for all your help.


I want to take this opportunity to Thank SERVPRO of Vero Beach in taking care of our mold problem in such a short notice.

We bought our first home and was very excited to move in, when we found out that we had a mold issue in our living room. With the time frame we had for closing and the time we had to move in it was impossible to get someone out to get the mold taken care of. We called SERVPRO of Vero Beach and they responded immediately and took care of our problem in time for us to move in.

The work was done with excellence and we were very happy with the results. Thank you SERVPRO for happy endings.

Now that we have "Humpty " back together, I just want to commend you on a job well done. Everything turned out as you said it would and with a minimum amount of disruption. We were quite pleased that we were able to stay in the house while the air scrubbers did their work.

The constructor that you suggested to use was also excellent. He did a great job matching the wood paneling in my office. The job that SERVPRO of Vero Beach did was quite reasonable and was covered by our insurance. As I told you , I will be submitting your name for inclusion in our Bermuda Bay " Angie's List" 

Please feel free to use me as a reference. Thank you for a job well done.

George Allman