What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Fire and soot and smoke, oh my! Thanks SERVPRO for getting our home cleaned after a kitchen fire.

Thank you SERVPRO of Vero Beach for helping my family with our fire damage and making our house feel like home again.

I was so relieved to walk back in my home and breathe in the fresh air after SERVPRO of Vero Beach took care of the fire damage. Thank you!!

Thank you SERVPRO of Vero Beach for cleaning our whole house after the fire. I was shocked to walk back in and not smell any smoke at all!

I had an electrical fire in my home, thankfully SERVPRO was able to clean up all the smoke and soot damage. 

Thank you for helping clear out the horrible mess from our house fire! Thank you SERVPRO for your great service and kindness during this stressful time.

SERVPRO did a great job at removing all the soot from my house fire, there was no smoke smell once they were complete. Definitely recommend their services!

Thank you SERVPRO for your great work! After the firemen put out the electrical fire, I wondered how I was ever going to get things looking normal, and get rid of the awful smell and soot!! Thankfully a neighbor recommended you and that changed everything. Your crew cleaned EVERYTHING and deodorized my whole house. 5 stars for SERVPRO of Vero Beach!!

Had a little soot damage from my dryer lint catching fire.  Jimi took the time to recommend what to do and saved me $500. 

I felt overwhelmed when my mother told me she burnt the kitchen down.  It was not as bad as she said, but we called SERVPRO and they took good care of my mother cleaning up the soot and smell.

Wanted SERVPRO...  My association tried making me use someone different.  Glad I went with my gut.  Well done SERVPRO

When our complex caught fire, the association wanted us to use a certain company.  I do not like to be told to use a company I have not heard of.  I called SERVPRO and once again the job was done right.  I still hear my neighbors grumbling about their experience when I go to check the mail.  Folks, always do your research and go with your gut.

One of property managers went to check on a house located on the island to find during a lightning storm, it tripped the fire switch turning on the fire place.  Unfortunately, the vent was closed filling the entire house with smoke.  SERVPRO came out and did a heck of a job cleaning it up.  Could not have asked for better service.

I am very pleased with the work that SERVPRO of Vero Beach has performed.  They did a great job.  I actually now want them back out to do more work for me.  

Ran into the marketer who had approached us after our business fire.  She still had the same smile and level of professionalism even outside of work.  Nice job SERVPRO.  It is comforting to know there are caring people working in our community.

Thanks for all you do guys!  During a stressful period you put my mind at ease.  

Months ago we had a stove fire and SERVPRO went above and beyond.  The little extras they did we are thankful for and wanted to let them know it did not go unnoticed.  Thanks.

After the fire truck left I thought what am I going to do?  Our building is connected to a gas station and there was a lady who happened to be pumping gas and witnessed the scene.  Turns out she knew someone from SERVPRO and after a quick call had someone out here with 45 minutes.  Quick,efficient, and got the job done.

I was cooking dinner when I instantly smelled smoke.  Frantically searching the house I discovered the dryer had caught fire.  I was able to stop the dryer and we all ran out of the house.  SERVPRO came out and wiped down walls and helped carry out the damaged stuff.  I was amazed how I could no longer smell that awful burnt smoke smell upon reentering.  Thank you bunches SERVPRO VERO BEACH!

We had a stove catch fire and called out SERVPRO.  They came out and were able to provide us with everything we needed to submit to our insurance company and cleaned up all the soot and smoke. Very thankful.

SERVPRO of Vero Beach is always a joy to deal with. They have very quick response times to assist my insureds when they need help. In addition, they are always professional and courteous to everyone they deal with and their invoices are always reasonable and fair.