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Closing your seasonal home.

3/1/2023 (Permalink)

Heading North for the Summer?

During the month span of October to April, the Florida population is said to increase by 5% due to the “snowbird” season.  It is the warm weather, beautiful beaches, outdoor dining with live music, adventurous trails, the list goes on for reasons why northerns flock to Florida to avoid the treacherous winters.  The length of time tends to vary for how long individuals stay but its typically six months here in Florida and six months at their northern home.  With that being said, there are preparations that need to be made to snowbird’s winter Florida homes before they return north.  With thorough research, here is a checklist to make sure that when you return to Florida in the fall there will be no surprises. 

Here is a break down of tasks to do the week before and the week of departure.

Week Before.

  • Have you central air conditioning serviced, and humidistat calibrated
  • Update the homeowner’s insurance.
  • Forward mail, cancel news papers and magazines.
  • Suspend or discontinue cable and internet services.
  • Have stucco inspected for cracks and sealed if any.
  • Inspect all windows and doors, have them repaired if needed.
  • Clean out all gutters and drainage.
  • Install surge protectors.
  • Schedule pest control services
  • Meet with and hire a home watch professional to check on your property.
  • Arrange for landscaping to be maintained.
  • If necessary, have pool regularly scheduled for maintenance.
  • Call us at SERVPRO of Vero Beach to perform a Duct Cleaning.

Week of Departure.

  • Set up a dehumidifier, make sure the drain is securely placed.
  • Bring in lani furniture.
  • Vacuum upholstered furnishings and do a thorough dusting.
  • Dispose of all perishable food
  • Clean out refrigerator and freezer.
  • Test the timers for lights, leave at least on light on inside home.
  • Leave contact information with a neighbor.
  • Clean the inside of appliances and disconnect them
  • Turn off the water to the house and put hot water heater on vacation mode

Indian River County COVID-19 Check-in

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

We wanted to take a moment to check in with our community. We understand that the last couple of months have been very trying to many households and businesses. While the number of cases has risen in Florida, we have been fortunate enough to be on the lower end of the spectrum. In the last COVID-19 debriefing Jason Brown, County Administrator, stated “social distancing seems to be working so we need to keep doing what we have been.” As of today, there have been 85 cases confirmed and 3 deaths in the county. We would like to extend our condolences for those who have been affected by this coronavirus. Last week, President Trump released a 3-step plan for reopening our country. Brown stated the county has been conducting planning for this, but are not ready to do so yet. We understand resources are running low for many but it’s important that we adhere to the guidelines set by our governing bodies. If you need any assistance United Way of Indian River County has put together a list of resources available both on a local and federal level. You can visit this list on their website at: We would like to remind you that we have decided to remain open and make ourselves available for any needs you may have. We are all in this together!

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